Registering your Domain Name

Decided and settled on a domain name? But before you get too excited, remember that you do not own it yet. You must register the domain name in order to use it for your blog. To do so, you need to buy the domain from a registrar (a company that sells and administers domain names). There are hundreds of web hosts and websites that perform registrar duties as well, so if you are more of a one-stop kind, you can sometimes handle this with your web host. But if you need more control over your domain registration, you can purchase it from any registrar.

Checking availability
Before you can buy a domain name, you are required to check it to ensure it is not already registered by someone else. If you have come up with something unique, you have a good shot at getting the domain name, or something close to it. But if your desired domain name is along the lines of something commonly used, you might have a bit of challenge on your hands. Typical registrars offer a multitude of suggested alternatives if your precious domain name is taken.

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