PayPerPost is a relatively new method of advertising for blogs. In essence, you are paid to write an article or post a link in an entry about a particular product or company. Designed to be self-serve style of ad service, you sign up for an account and submit your blog for approval. After you are approved, you can then accept Opportunities.

An advertiser posts an Opportunity, and when your account is approved, you are free to respond to that advertiser's Opportunity. Most often, the advertiser is looking for someone to blog about his product, website, or company in exchange for cash, although the amount and requirements for each Opportunity varies from advertiser to advertiser.

When you post the blog entries relating to the Opportunities chosen, you submit links to those entries to the people at PayPerPost. Their staff reviews the links and if all is well, approves the posts. If your post is denied, they do give you a chance to revise it once before rejecting it.

If your post has been approved, you must leave it up on your site for 30 days. It does not have to be on the front page of your blog, but it does need to remain live. PayPerPost will spot-check over the course of that time and again at the end of 30 days to ensure it is still visible to the public. If your blog entry is still alive, you will get paid.

PayPerPost has a moderate list of other requirements that vary depending on the Opportunity selected. You can view these requirements on its website. You must have a PayPal account in order to receive payment from PayPerPost.

Federated Media

Federated Media, or in short FM is currently an exclusive, invite-only advertising network that accepts only blogs with what their staff members consider the utmost in passion, integrity, authority and strong community support. They choose the bloggers in their network based on how much revenue they think the blogs can generate. FM feels bloggers with the trust of their audience, in addition to high traffic and quality content, are going to lure more potential advertisers.

FM organizes its sites, similar to other services into groups that they call federations. They have federations for parenting, travel, graphic arts, entertainment, and much more, so there is a good chance your blog should fit into at least one federation. FM also allows you to approve or deny all ads that may appear on your site. FM does not publicly disclose the amount of revenue you can expect to earn by joining their network, so you need them to accept your blog before they share that info.

While Federated Media is invitation-only, you are welcome to submit your site for consideration. If you feel your blog meets FM's criteria, fill out the submission form on the site.


Blogads has been around since 2002 and is wildly popular choice of advertising among bloggers of all types. In the Blogads structure, the advertisers themselves, with assistance from Blogads, manage, renew, and add campaigns to your blog via a simple web-based interface.

The blogs participating in the service are classified under various categories that Blogads calls hives. Hives are groups organized by location and topic. Advertisers decide, by visiting your blog or by perusing the list of blogs in their targeted hives, whether to purchase ads based on your blog's advertising cost, audience, traffic, and popularity. They also can purchase ads in targeted group buys based on the quantity, quality, and cost of the other blogs in your hive.

In addition to having advertising approval, Blogads also allows you to customize the appearance of your ads, set your own prices, and even write the copy to entice potential advertisers. Ultimately, Blogads is one of the most rewarding services. The company takes a mere 30% cut from the revenue generated by the ads on your blog. And you can run Blogads along with other ad services.