Federated Media

Federated Media, or in short FM is currently an exclusive, invite-only advertising network that accepts only blogs with what their staff members consider the utmost in passion, integrity, authority and strong community support. They choose the bloggers in their network based on how much revenue they think the blogs can generate. FM feels bloggers with the trust of their audience, in addition to high traffic and quality content, are going to lure more potential advertisers.

FM organizes its sites, similar to other services into groups that they call federations. They have federations for parenting, travel, graphic arts, entertainment, and much more, so there is a good chance your blog should fit into at least one federation. FM also allows you to approve or deny all ads that may appear on your site. FM does not publicly disclose the amount of revenue you can expect to earn by joining their network, so you need them to accept your blog before they share that info.

While Federated Media is invitation-only, you are welcome to submit your site for consideration. If you feel your blog meets FM's criteria, fill out the submission form on the site.

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