Blogads has been around since 2002 and is wildly popular choice of advertising among bloggers of all types. In the Blogads structure, the advertisers themselves, with assistance from Blogads, manage, renew, and add campaigns to your blog via a simple web-based interface.

The blogs participating in the service are classified under various categories that Blogads calls hives. Hives are groups organized by location and topic. Advertisers decide, by visiting your blog or by perusing the list of blogs in their targeted hives, whether to purchase ads based on your blog's advertising cost, audience, traffic, and popularity. They also can purchase ads in targeted group buys based on the quantity, quality, and cost of the other blogs in your hive.

In addition to having advertising approval, Blogads also allows you to customize the appearance of your ads, set your own prices, and even write the copy to entice potential advertisers. Ultimately, Blogads is one of the most rewarding services. The company takes a mere 30% cut from the revenue generated by the ads on your blog. And you can run Blogads along with other ad services.

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