Blog Communities and Networks

These blog communities and social networks are much larger then the blogs they contain. Some offer huge resources of link lists and forums, as well as member features that allow you to connect with other people like yourself. Becoming a member of these sites can grant you access to all of their members and sometimes their advertisers, as well as any other tools, contest, or opportunities their may offer.

Of the many blog communities and networks, some are exclusive or topic-specific, and some are more general. Most require registration in order for you to become a member or be listed on their blogrolls. This helps communities keep their sites spam-free. Here are a few examples:

BlogHer was created as an opportunity for all kinds of women bloggers to gain greater exposure, education, and community within the blogosphere. In its own words, BlogHer 'evangelizes blogging by, for and to women'. BlogHer also hosts a conference every year for BlogHer members, and nonmembers who are interested in joining, to commune and share ideas on panels and through social events.

ClubMom community was created with moms in mind. It has more than 40 blogs written by seasoned mommybloggers. Plus, you can find on the site an ask-a-mom feature, message boards, sweepstakes, and a library of over 20,000 articles written by moms for moms.

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