Blogrolls and Link Sharing

Linking to other blogs in your entries or in the sidebar of your site is called blogrolling, and the list of links itself is called blogroll. It is standard blog practice and usually encouraged. Most of the time, people love to be linked. It drives up their ranking in Google and grants them a tiny slice of advertising to your blog readers. Of course, these perks apply to your blog too. Most importantly, linking allows bloggers to connect. Quoting other bloggers in your entries is also welcomed. However, do not forget to credit the source and link back.

The blogosphere is founded on community. If we did not read each other's blogs, there would be no point to it all. Part of the fun of blogging is linking to other blogs. It allows you to share your reads with those who read your blog, potentially turning them on to someone new. You may be too timid to comment on the blogs you like, linking to them can let the bloggers know that you dig what they are saying. When the blog owners check their referral stats, it leads them to your blog. Consider it an extremely subtle calling card.

BlogRolling was one of the first services available to bloggers to create link lists. Using a simple script provided by BlogRolling, you can generate a link lists, or blogroll, to display on your site. BlogRolling will check whether a blog has updated and display the update on your blogroll with an indicator you customize through BlogRolling. Currently, BlogRolling is a free service that lets you create multiple link lists, create private link lists, and add people to your blogroll with one click.

You can also use various RSS feed services to post blogrolls on your site. Bloglines offers a small script that produces a blogroll of the public feeds to which you subscribe when yoou insert it into the HTML on your blog. Some blog services offer link lists as a feature of the service.

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