What You Get with Flickr

Flickr is an extremely popular online photo management and photo sharing website that has transformed into a massive photo community. If you procrastinate, this is the best way to spend your procrastinating time.

Flickr houses the portfolios of thousands of talented photographers ranging from professional to amateur, in addition to a vast collection of photos from people with point-and-shoot cameras. Flickr allows you to upload and share your photos in a gallery format and provides a comment/blog-type of atmosphere. You can have your very own Flickr account to share photos for free of charge.

Signing up for a Flickr account is quite easy. Flickr, in its growth, joined forces with Yahoo!, and you are required to have a Yahoo! account to sign up. If you do not already have one, you can sign up for one in a few minutes.

All basic Flickr accounts are free and allow you to post, rotate, tag, and share your photos with the world. You are also granted the ability to sort your photos into sets and collections. Basic free accounts give you three to start off with. You can accept comments, set privacy levels for friends and family-viewing only, and the best part, you can post your photos from Flickr right into your blog. Flickr supports blogging your photos with LiveJournal, Blogger, Movable Type, and TypePad, to name a few.

Another charming feature is the note system. You can draw small squares on points of interest in your photos and label them, and you can give your Flickr friends permission to note your photos too. You can also tag your photos and search all of Flickr using them.

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