Newbie Hustle

When you are new to blogging, you want to sign up for every gadget and display every widget. You are going to be the neat A-lister. You are instantly going to be best friends with the most popular blogger on the Internet by leaving her one of your magically delicious comments. When you launch, your blog will be flooded with avid readers. You want to blog and podcast and videocast and photoblog and... a lot more.

Slow down there, success requires endurance and patience. Here are some insider do's and don'ts.

Don't leave comments on other blogs begging people to read your blog. It is bad enough to be blatant, but not even bothering to leave any thoughtful commentary is even worse. It borders on spam, and it is become a tactic spammers have started using. So unless you want your comment deleted as spam and your IP potentially blacklisted, share a comment but skip the sales pitch.

Do blog often and with quality, easily digestible content. Consider starting out with snack-sized entries so new readers to your blog can get an idea of what your writing is like. If you are new and your goal is to build an audience, do not write long-winded diatribes. Other successful blogs might have long entries packed full of hilarity, but unless you are prepared to bring it on similar level, you will want to build a readership.

Don't sign your blog entries or comments. It is really unnecessary. Most blogs have a Posted By section for both blog entries and comments, so you do not need to close with your name. It takes up space, adding more stuff people have to scroll through and it is just one of those things that make people think... you must be new.

Don't stuff your blog full of surveys. If surveys and quizzes are your thing, having a MySpace account should be more appropriate. The occasional quiz or survey, sometimes called a meme, is fine and can be a fun way to engage other bloggers by challenging them, sometimes called tagging them, to complete the survey too. It gets old if surveys make up the bulk of your blog.

Do run a spell check. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Common mistakes are made by people who are not conscious of some similar words. You need not to be a scholar, but you would be surprised how many people judge by grammar alone.


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