Gossip Blogs

Girls, who doesn't love to sit around and gab about the latest celebrity scandals, fashions, and romances? Gossip blogs have to be rivaling mommy blogs for the fastest growing segment of the blog community, and it seems like every day a new one pops up.

Most gossip blogs tend to be a bit on the catty side, dishing up editorial commentary about celebrities, in addition to the actual scoop. The entries are often accompanied by photos, sometimes with watermarking (captions to prevent theft ot indicate where the image originated). Some gossip sites even include celebrity sightings in real time.

When it comes to gossip blogs, it should be quality, not quantity. Some gossip blogs overwhelm you with too much information. Some gossip blogs give you new content on every detail about thousands of times a day. However, if gossip is your bag, may be a gossip blog is just the ticket for you.

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