Mommy Blogs

Personal blogs by women tend to fall into the mommy blog category, and sometimes they get stuck there. This is an unfair labelling, as often blogs by women get pegged as mommy blogs simply because the bloggers happen to be mothers. Even if a woman with children blogs about stock market, someone somewhere will call it a mommy blog just because she has kids. There is absolutely nothing wrong with writing a mommy blog, but let the label fit the blog. A mommy blog is much more than a mention of your child or the fact that you happen to have one.

Mommy blogs tend to focus on the day-to-day life of a mom, with the majority of entries specifically about her children, parenting, and coping with being a mom. Mommy blogs are ways for moms to connect with one another to get advice or read about other moms' experiences. Or, sometimes it is a way to spend time not discussing their children, as a way to have some adult interaction and support from those in the know.

Some mommy blogs are not personal blogs, but more of a collective or community blog that shares pesonal anecdotes, parenting tips and advice. Moms are getting in on the video blogging and podcasting markets as well, so there is room for you and room to grow if you are interested in starting a mommy blog.

Of course the flipside of the mommy blog is the daddy blog, although you do not often seen it called that. And people usually call a blog written by a mixed gender couple a parenting blog. Mommy blogs are big business right now, as women make up the majority of the advertising target audience. A blog that contains quality content and receives reasonable traffic can make money from advertising.

With mommy blogs appearing to grow faster than any other blog demographic, there are a myriad to choose from.

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