Start spreading the news. If you want to get the ball rolling on your blog business, you can take a few extra steps to help give your site that extra boost. Go the distance by trying some of the techniques:

Buy some ad space on other popular blogs. There are some great programs that allow you to purchase prominent ad space on blogs that cater to your target market. It could be a wise investment if the traffic pours in.

Offer a newsletter. Enticing readers who have visited your site to come back, as a gentle reminder could get those old site stalkers back in the palm of your hand.

Send email blasts. Although unsolicited email is not the group favourite, some people have much success using this tactic. If you collect a list of business contacts, it might behoove you to email them when you launch a new product or service.

Distribute press releases. If you get a point with your blog business where you warrant a press release, by all means do so. Any way you can get the word out is worth doing.

Show off your links. You never know where you can get a potential reader or customer. Put your blog URL in the signature of your emails, put it on your business cards, heck, have it written on your car's rear windshield. Get your URL out there where people can see it.

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