Google is a hosted blogging service that runs the software. allows users to start their own blog in seconds without having to know squat about technical stuff like FTP, database, hosting accounts... This is great for a newbie with basic internet savvy who is trying to get a feel for blogging without any real commitment. wanted to make it easy and fast to sign up and get started, and they did.

This service is free. However you may upgrade your blog with enhanced functionality with a reasonable amount. Extra goodies include more server space to hold photos and customizable CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), which is one of the methods used to give your site design, for those who are a little more advanced. Check out the website to get a full list of their features.

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Jarrod said...

Wordpress is real easy to use on your own hosting setup as well, giving you more control and a bigger bang for SEO and deveoping traffic.