Managing Group Dynamics

Establish dominance. It is wise to decide who is in charge. You cannot all be in charge. Someone has to take the lead. Usually, it is the person who came up with the site concept or pays for the server space, or otherwise takes the first initiative to make the blog happen. Make sure your authors are clear and agree with whoever you decide to give the lead. That way, you can avoid power plays or hurt feelings.

Exercise. Do not rule with a short leash. Let your authors stretch their legs a little. You will have happier authors who feel more willing to contribute if they feel as though their voices are heard and they are permitted to speak their minds.

Discipline. Sometimes, confrontation is just unavoidable. But you can express yourself without being accusatory or aggressive. Be calm, kind, and tactful but direct. If your authors are not projecting the image that you want to convey, it is not unreasonable to address it.

Affection. Value your authors. You have chosen them for a reason, and if they are quality writers, nice people and good friends, reward them either with small tokens or praise, publicly or privately. Let them know they are welcomed on your blog and in the community, and that you value their contributions. You will have happier writers and happier readers.

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