Multiple Personality Disorder

When you get a slew of bloggers going all at once, such as with a larger community blog, it can get a little nuts. While you want to encourage your authors to post and you want fresh content, sometimes it is hard to keep up as a reader when there are several posts an hour.

Who's on first?
Before you start taking this grandiose project of 20 blog authors, consider delegating certain topics or site responsibilities to specific authors. Like a group blog, someone needs to be in charge. When you get a lot of authors, you may end up with multiple entries about the same thing, an overwhelming amout of entries in general, or just a disconnect between the site's overall purpose and an author's agenda.

What's on second?
Create a team atmosphere. Your blog authors should be as committed to your blog as you are. If they feel as though they are part of something big, part of something exciting, and that they have appreciated, they will be more apt to post creative entries and contribute to the growth of the site.

I don't know who's on third.
No one is perfect, and once in a while you ill get an author who might be one sandwich short of a picnic when it comes to your blog. Some administrators do not mind if their authors occasionally post something off-topic. It applies in various instances, but if it is a regular ocurrence and you do not approve of it, this is one of those times you will have to practise tactful discipline.

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