Hunt for Templates

A cool thing about templates is their simplicity to change. The fact that they are ready to go and often free makes them ideal for swapping them out on a whim. And the cool thing about blog community is its willingness to share. Many wonderful novice designers out there offer free or reasonable priced templates for download. A template generally includes all the HTML pages, images, and style sheets required for your blog and can be changed as often as you like.

The key to find the perfect blog template is to wade through all of the slightly-irregulars and get to the real, quality pieces.
  • Ask around. One of the best way to find quality designs is to ask. If you come across a blog that has a design you admire, as the blogger who did the design work. You can also look for links to templates or designers that may appear on the site credits, usually at the sidebar or the footer.
  • Google it! As with every questions in the universal, consulting the Oracle of Google, or another search engine of your choice delivers a bounty of resources.
  • Check with your blog software website. Most blog software websites include links to resources for blog templates, or even offer some themselves. You may also check discussion forums for your chosen blog software for links and recommendations.

Templates from off the rack
Each template site or designer has their own set of terms and conditions. Look for verbiage such as terms and conditions, policies, or usage rights and be sure to read them thoroughly. These designers offer templates for your download, so it is fair that you comply with their rules, especially if you are getting the templates for free. Some designers do offer limited support for paid templates, most free templates come with little to no support.

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