Expectations from Hot Designers

Just like anything else in demand, others are trying to get in line for the same thing. Depending on the size of the shop and how popular the firm is, you might do a bit of waiting before you can wiggle in line. Be sure to allow plenty of lead time if you are seeking a truely custom design, especially if you want more than a simple blog. Elements that are beyond simple include an additional photo gallery, contact forms, etc.

Designers should
  • make you feel at ease and welcomed.
  • instill confidence, and you should feel as though you are in capable hands.
  • be talented, but they should also fit you, as well as your design.
  • be friendly.
  • match personality with your style.
  • make you feel like you are valued.

Even if your desired designer might be in high demand, it does not mean you should be ignored.

Most designers like to work via email and usually respond in a timely manner, but your designer should be willing to chat with you over the phone or meet in person if you are local before any contracts are signed or work commences.

A common practice among designers is to offer design questionnaire either through download or online form. This form usually includes questions on the kind of style you are seeking, the sort of functionality you desired for your blog, how fast you want the design, and how much money you have to spend. This form may be filled at your own pace and allows you to expound as much as you like. While this allows the busy designer to review your request in a straightforward format. The designer will then research on your needs, put up a thorough estimate, then send it to you and await your respond. If the designer is unable to take up your project, you should receive a response indicating so and thanking you for your interest. If you receive no response, do not want them anyway.

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