Targeting an Audience

There are literally millions of blogs on the internet today, and the number is continuing growing. They cover just about every topic, and a vast number of them are dedicated to personal journaling. When deciding what you will blog about, you need to decide who your target is. Here is a short list of the type of blog you might want that have a specific target audience:
  • A blog about the country's current administration and aimed at provoking other politically minded readers to participate in the topics you propose.
  • A group blog for knitters that you want to expand into a full-blown community some day.
  • A blog where you post your thoughts and feelings, intended as an outlet for you to express your emotions, and audience be damned.
  • A fashion blog that you hope will gain mass popularity and make you a bundle of extra cash.

The audience you are aiming to please, whether it is yourself, your family and friends, the general public, or all of the above, is what should drive your content and your blog format. Cater to your audience.

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