Benefits of Tags

You do not necessarily need to choose between tags and categories. Both have their benefits, and many website owners and bloggers utilize both. The pros of using categories are just simple organization of your blog entries, and if people who read your site like a particular post in a certain category, they know just where to find others like it. Tags present a better method of finding specific information. You can choose to use one or the other. Or combine them and give your readers the option to usse whichever method they prefer.

Tagging is wildly popular and will continue to become the standard over categories. Tagging can actually make your site much more usable and feature-rich. Tags are more detail oriented than simple categories. Over time, the tags you accumulate on your site will make finding content much easier, allowing readers to search more efficiently and more specifically.

For personal blogs, tagging can be more of a frivolous effort, but if your blog is information specific, or if your site is a community atmosphere where many people congregate, tagging can become really useful for your readers.

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