Tags are useful, categories are useful too. Whether you are writing a personal journal-style blog or a business blog, keeping things tidy is a good idea. But if you want to have every post you ever do totally uncategorized, by all means do that. However, do not forget about the benefits of keeping things in order. For one, your readers can look through your entries according to what interest them.

Most blogging software platforms and hosted blogs give you the ability to categorize your blog entries. When you write and publish a blog entry, you can file it into a specified category that you can create. Typically, a list of your categories is displayed in the sidebar of your blog or website. A reader can then select the category from either a link list or a drop-down box and see all the entries you filed in that category. You can cross-categorize entries in as many categories as you like.

Categories are typically standard in most blogging tools. A little poking and prodding will produce a spot in your blog's control panel where you can add your categories ahead of time as a timesaver. When you get around to posting an entry, you can quickly assign it to your preset categories.

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