Technorati is a site that indexes, or crawls your site to read and collect all your content. It is like a newsreader but a very large public one. By registering your site with Technorati, you are essentially giving them the go-ahead to index your website for relevant links and information.

Claiming your blog with Technorati also lets them confirm that you are the author or co-author of the site. You are then free to use all of Technorati's services to promote or increase the visibility of your blog. People perusing Technorati can click your links or profile and learn more about you and the blogs you author. You can also use Technorati to surf for anything you may be looking for.

Searching the tag system on Technorati is extensive and impressive. After you claim your blog, you will end up in their search results, and your post will also end up in the Technorati tag pages. The best part is that you do not necessarily have to tag your entries to get in there. Contributing requires that you have a blog that supports categories and an RSS/Atom feed. If they are both operating, it does this automatically.

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