How a Podcast Differs from a Blog

Most would agree that blogging typically entails a written entry. Podcasts, they can also include written commentary, include audio and/or video on a regular basis. Posting your favourite song on your blog does not necessarily make it a podcast. Podcasts are recognized as regular broadcast that usually cover a certain topic or range of topics. What you choose to broadcast is up to you, but frequency or regularity is a key component in calling yourself a podcaster. Think of how radio shows air on a regular schedule, and listeners know to tune in at the allotted time. Podcasts do not necessarily need to adhere to a strict schedule, but having some regularity will keep your listeners coming back.

What can be confusing is how podcast and blog are different, and in reality, they are not entirely different in how they are published. It is more about what is published, and how often, that clearly defines podcasting and blogging. The nice thing is that while there is a method to the madness, there is also great flexibility. If you have the creativity, you can probably figure out how to combine blogging, podcasting, and video blogging all in one neat little package.

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