Tools of the Trade

If you decide to podcast, here is a handy list of the tools you will need to help you get it going.
  • Microphone: Some computers and laptops have built-in mics. These mics will work for your purposes, but if you are going to put gusto into your podcast, you might consider investing in a good microphone that creates clear audio. Or consider a portable MP3 player with a built-in microphone, which is ideal for on-location podcasting.

  • Recording application: You need some type of program that records your audio and saves and exports your audio files in MP3 formats. Most software gives you the option to edit your audio, which could really come in handy. PodProducer and Audacity are free sound editors. And for the serious podcasters, give ePodcast Producer a shot. It charges but can do just about everything.
    Doing an Internet search for podcast recording application turns up a handful of options. Make sure the software you choose can create MP3 files and not just edit audio. Audacity requires that you download an add-on to convert your audio file to MP3 format. It is also totally free.

  • Headphones: Though they are not necessary, you can actually increase the quality of your podcast by having headphones. Having more serious headphones can aid in creating better audio. Available now are headphones with built-in microphones equipped with noise reduction, so your podcast comes in nice and clear.

  • Extra file space and bandwidth: You will inevitably upload these audio files. Having a fast Internet connection aids in the transfer time of these large files. Additionally, you will want to save a backup of your podcasts, which can get large and add up quickly. Having some additional file storage is not necessary but nice to have. Space is cheap these days, so it is not a hassle to find and afford.

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