Syndicating a Feed for Your Podcast

Whether you have a hosted blog or are running one on your own, you need to know a few things before you jump in. When you have your podcast ready to go - it is recorded, edited and converted to MP3, you are almost there. Your feed syndicates your show. People arrive at your site and look for your feed, or they find you in iTunes and start downloading. That all rides in your building an RSS feed that provides a means to distribute your show.

An RSS enclosure is a way for an RSS feed to attach saome kind of media like a sound file, a photo, or a video. It is most commonly used for incorporating MP3s into an RSS feed for podcasting. You should make sure that by posting your MP3 file, your RSS feed is picking it up. If not, aggregators or other feed readers would not know it is there. This can also affect your listing in iTunes, so it is worth investigating completely.

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