Hosted Blogs and Podcast Feeds

Many times, you would not have to worry too much about the details involving things like enclosures and tags if you are using a hosted service. Some hosted services provide RSS creation and feed enclosures for you, and you do not have to do anything but publish a link to your MP3 file in a blog post. However, if your hosted service is of the free variety, such as or Blogger, it is best to check the service's site for details on whether it is a supported service. You might have to upgrade to a paid account to gain the ability to upload and store MP3s.

Blogger or may not be the best choices in terms of free tools to use in podcasting, but they can be a good place to start as a beginner. You can technically create a podcast feed with any blog. The issue lies mainly in whether you can store the file with your hosted service or whether you need to find web space to store your files. If you have access to a site online where you can store and link to files, podcasting with a free blog tool such as Blogger or can work.

One drawback of podcasting with Blogger is that Blogger creates an Atom feed by default. It is not considered the standard of feeds for podcasting at the moment, but you can use it. You can use the free service at a site such as FeedBurner to translate your Atom feed to an RSS 2.0 feed in a matter of minutes.

If you are using a hosted blog service such as TypePad, you need not worry about enclosures or such technicalities because TypePad handles all of that for you. As long as you publish a link to your MP3 in the body of your blog post, TypePad takes it from there.

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