Videocasting, also known as video podcasting or vlogging, is a podcast done with video rather than MP3 audio. Just as podcasting gained popularity with the increasing trend of portable devices, videocasting is yet another phenomenon that is on the rise. Portable devices are now supporting video, and more websites are popping up that can handle and store video, making publishing video a normal occurrence.

As the Internet evolves, the possibilities of what you can do with all these resources become ridiculously abundant. Videocasting can open an entirely new arena of ideas.

Making the video:
You do not need a big studio, camera operators, sound technicians and producers to create your own show. All you need is a camera. A quality webcam or even a vdeo camera will do, and with a little help from some software. It may not be professional studio-quality video, but you can get by with a few staples and produce an entertaining video suitable for publishing.

Video file formats:
MP4 is the file format for storing digital audio and video and is one of the most common formats used for videocasting. You handle publishing MP4 files for aggregation in feeds the same way that you handle publishing MP3 files for podcasting. By publishing a link to your video in your feed-enclosure-enabled blog will do.

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