Common Elements and Definitions

Header: This is sometimes called a banner. In a traditional blog structure, this is usually found across the top of the blog, displaying the blog name or graphic.

Blog name/title: A blog name or blog title is whatever you've named your blog. This is often represented with text or graphic.

Content: Content is sometimes called the body, is the most essential element to any blog. This is where your blog entries lives. There are many variations for how one may display the content of a blog, but traditionally, you find it on the left or right if you only have one sidebar, or in the middle if your sidebars flank both sides.

Sidebar: The sidebar is commonly to display author's profile, favourite links, links to your recent posts or archives.

Footer: Not all blogs have an obvious footer. This is the area at the most bottom of your blog where you may list design credits, additional navigational links, copyright information, links to privacy policies, or anything you like.

Navigation: This is how people get around on your blog. Some blogs have a graphic navigation along the top in lieu of a traditional header. Some choose to create simple text navigations in their sidebar or footer. The choice is yours. Navigation most commonly includes a link back to the main page of your blog, a link to some kind of archives, a link to the profile of the blog author, and sometimes a contact link. You are free to include whatever you like in your navigation.

Blogroll: A blogroll is a list of links to other blogs that often appears in the sidebar. Occasionally bloggers set up a seperate page for their links, so you may find it there.

Comment: This is the area where visitors to your blog leave comments for your post.

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