Third-Party Services

MyBlogLog: This service allows you to build mini-communities. After you register, you can place a badge on your blog that displays the most recent MyBlogLog members who have visited your site. It is a great feature for finding new blogs and for connecting with other bloggers who may be lurking on your blog.

Twitter: "What are you doing?" is the question over at Twitter. Twitter is a service that let you tell people what you are doing every moment of the day. It lets you blog in short burst, from your PC, from your mobile phone, or right from your Instant Messenger. Twitter is completely free and highly addictive. The service provides handy badges for your site with a quick copy and paste, and your every move is there for public consumption.

Amazon Associates: Amazon has an associate program that allows you to earn a little by promoting items it sells on your site. You can use it as a money-generating tool, but you can also use it to display what you bought recently or show the items on your wish list. And you make a couple of bucks from it.

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